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September 13, 2017

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I hope you are sitting down because I have news. The District Nerd (TDN) is opening an online store, District Nerd Shop, that will offer a variety of clothing and accessories for women and men. All pieces will honor the mission of TDN to change the negative stereotype behind women’s involvement in Homebrewing and coding. Customers will be able to purchase a variety of items including tee-shirts, aprons, and phone covers. Currently, the store is under construction, but it will be accessible through the blog

From the beginning, I’ve wanted to open a fan store with merchandise related to Homebrewing and coding. So, over the past year I’ve been jotting down thoughts inspired by my observations on life, wine, drinking, beer, hope, success, love, you name it. Some witty. Some horrendous. One of my favorites is “Girl, Chic, Woman”. It annoys me, to no end, when I hear men (or women) refer to adult women as girls. It, also, infuriates me when people refer to woman as “chics”, because last I checked, women didn’t have wings. Woman are girls all grown-up complicated, strong, worldly, and not taking shit. Another saying I’m in love with is “copy paste”, during my immersive these two words were a constant reminder to work smarter not harder.

Notwithstanding acquiring swag from the District Nerd Shop you’ll also be providing resources to enable TDN to grow. Profits from the shop will go directly into supplies, growing the website, and real-world outreach. Long term goals for TDN include local events for women to educate and connect, video interviews, expanding to include iOS app reviews, and trips to visit Homebrewers in other cities.

As I write this, I’m hard at work finishing the store. But until the store opens stay up to date on sayings (that will appear on merchandise) by following me on Instagram or Pinterest. If you like discounts and sales (Who doesn’t?) sign-up for the newsletter.

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