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April 4, 2017

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Dear readers,

It’s been a long time. You might have thought I dropped The District Nerd (TDN) or moved on. Nope! Not the case.

In fact, it is kind of TDN’s fault that I have been absent because it inspired me to change careers.

When I started TDN, I was working in finance. A good job at a good company. I enjoyed my coworkers and I had an open relationship with my supervisor. A pretty great situation, but it was never my dream.

My dream, since I was a kid, has been to start my own company. While narrowing my focus for TDN I realized that the best way for me to combine my love of technology, desire to help build my community and start my own business was to start a software company. But not just any company, I want to create a company that provides opportunities for women and minorities in technology. Next was the question of how.

Starting a software company is one thing, but I don’t want to just hire developers. I want to be a developer, too. I applied and was accepted to a coding bootcamp (for legal reasons I won’t mention which). The program started recently, so my life before was and continues to be hectic. I ended up moving two times within two months before the program. Plus, to attend the program, I had to quit my job and move to another state. Now that I’m here, I’m tired all the time, but I have all this information I want to share about resources for building apps and feelings about being a woman in tech.

So ,what’s a blogger to do, when she has something to say? Start posting. I aim to post, once a month and update the website with resources that I have found helpful.





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