Five Easy Ways to Protect Your Phone

May 1, 2016

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News reports talk about protecting our phones from hackers, but let’s be honest, frenemies are just as dangerous. While a hacker might steal your data and sell it to the highest bidder, frenemies know just how to make your life miserable by snooping, prying, and getting you into trouble with your own phone. But with these five easy steps, we are going to stop hackers and frenemies in their tracks.

Lock screen

First, you’re going to activate the lock screen function on your phone. You’ll have the option to choose between a number, passcode or a pattern. This is the easiest way to protect against strangers and unwanted eyes.

Phone Finder

Next, activate the phone finder service offered by your cell phone company or service provider. Not only does it let you track your phone, but you can also wipe and lock your phone, if it goes missing.


Then, you are going to make sure to accept updates for the apps and software on your phone. Updates are a critical way of preventing hackers and malware from damaging your phone. Programmers are constantly evaluating apps and software creating patches and additions to make sure hackers can’t get through.

Secure Wi-Fi

Then, you are going to stop transmitting important information over unsecure Wi-Fi networks. Transmitting data over unsecure Wi-Fi networks is the easiest way to let important information fall into the wrong hands. While I’m the first person to perk-up for free Wi-Fi, you can’t use everyone’s Wi-Fi. Open Wi-Fi networks are unsecure providing hackers easy access to the information on your phone.


Last, but not least, turn off the Bluetooth and NFC when not in use. Bluetooth and NFC compatible devices provide us with additional means to share data, steam entertainment, and connect to our devices but they come with a downside. These connections allow access to your phone. If you don’t use Bluetooth turn it off and if you do use Bluetooth or NFC make sure you know the devices connected to your phone.

Didn’t I tell you five easy ways to protect your phone?

Now get to it! If you haven’t already start with number one.

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